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My plans for the future (novels and memoirs)

This is my first update to this blog in roughly one year.  I know, right?  I think the last time I posted as I was just recovering from a 103-degree fever and reminiscing about my recent trips to the Philippines and Malaysia.  Then I went to Cambodia.  Then I got engaged.  After that, everything just kind of fell apart.  My apologies.

On the bright side, I have some huge plans.  I am currently in the process of compiling all of my stories from Korea into a memoir titled “Naked in Korea”, which I hope to have available on Amazon Direct within the year.  And in the meantime, you can check out my first novel “The Notice”, which is already available on Amazon if you have a Kindle.  You can pick it up at the following link for $9.99.  I have included a description in the space below:


In 1992, Bosnia & Herzegovina is a young nation on the brink of destruction. Devastated by passionate cries for independence and a complicated holy war, it has become the battleground for the most violent and brutal crimes in Europe since the end of World War II. In the fictional town of Zenovica, located in the mountains north of Sarajevo, Violeta Petrovic has watched these events unfold on the news with wide-eyed disbelief. She questions the possibility that such bedlam and betrayal could ever find its way to her community.

However, when Violet witnesses the vicious murder of an elderly Muslim woman by one of her Serb countrymen, she realizes that the same war is festering in her own neighborhood. Suddenly, she is no longer allowed to play with the children who dress in green and call themselves “Bosniaks”, for they are the Muslim betrayers who have brought war to the Balkans for centuries. She is told to ignore the trucks of battered refugees who enter her town daily to seek shelter in the local football stadium from gangs of militiamen and thugs. These are the orders of her stubborn, young companion Goran, who has taken control of their friends with his hateful rhetoric.

Only when Violet meets the ghost of Sanja Imamović does she begin to realize how truly heartbreaking Bosnia’s war is… and how difficult it will be to stop.

The Notice is a tale of courage and redemption set against the graphic backdrop of unspeakable atrocities. It is the story of how Violet’s life is drastically altered by the conflict in her country over the course of several years. Even while she is pulled in conflicting directions by the teachings of the murdered woman’s wise spirit and her racist best friend, Violet must ask herself what it means to be Bosnian in a land where history is being distorted through fear, sexual violence, and propaganda. What follows is the heartrending account of how Violeta’s family loses everything and the sacrifices she must make to proudly restore her identity.”

I’m sorry that I jumped ship after my first six months in Korea, but the good news is that I hope to update this blog with excerpts from my book “Naked in Korea”.  It might take me a few more months to get there, but updates are on the way.  Thank you to everyone who kept up with my posts for as long as you did.  If you just happen to be stumbling upon this page for the first time and my book about Bosnia interests you, by all means please check it out.  Thanks!

Book Cover for "The Notice". Illustration by Sean Chandler.