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Hey Everyone,

Just finished cranking out this pretty simple book cover for “Naked in Korea”.  Yes, that is my handsome back and, yes, the original idea did involve showing my pasty butt.  I nixed that really quickly and opted for the towel.  Pretty happy with how it came out.  And, in case you’re wondering, the Korean script on the left-side just says “Welcome”.




UPDATED:  It has come to my attention (courtesy of my doting mother) that some people might be offended by my using a South Korean flag towel on the cover.  This was a completely unexpected reaction to the picture as my basic train of thought was just “South Korea + Sean Naked + Book = $$$$$$$!”  I honestly don’t see the offensive side.  American flag towels are all over the place online and the only instance I ever found of someone getting offended was when one Amazon reviewer remarked that the towel he or she had ordered was a thin, cheap piece of crap.  There was nothing said about the flag on the towel being offensive.

I mean, to me, a flag is a flag and a towel is a towel.  If I were drying myself with the actual South Korean flag, I could see people being offended; instead, I’m drying myself with one of my fiancee’s towels that (on closer inspection) has clearly been Photoshopped to look like a towel with the Korean flag on it.  Offensive?  Americans put our beloved flag on everything from thongs to condoms (look it up, if you don’t believe me) and even Lindsay Lohan got away with having a picture taken with one: http://www.whatsonningbo.com/ent_images/94ba46fcd12a5adc_Lindsay_Lohan_1.jpg  But my flag towel is supposedly just too much for people to handle??

Well, anyone who looks at my pasty back on that cover and is offended by the towel, probably isn’t my target audience anyway.  In fact, I could not find a single instance of anyone being offended by “Flag Towels” out of principle when I ran a Google search.  But perhaps Koreans are offended by this sort of thing, more than Americans (which would shock me, frankly, but I’ll at least entertain the notion).  I thought I’d welcome the input of my subscribers and readers:  What do you all think?  Is my book cover a chuckle-worthy eye-gag that invites the reader, or is it an appalling middle finger to veterans the world over?

A Kentuckian's Tales of Uncovered Kimchi

Coming May 2012 (Most Likely)


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