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New Blog Up & Under Construction at Tumblr

Hello again,

Remember how I said, like, yesterday that I was going to be setting up a new author blog?  Well, I got around to that a little sooner than I had anticipated.  To those of you who are subscribing to Sean Chandler in Korea, thank you so much.  I do not plan to shut down this blog, but I will be doing the bulk of my blogging over at my new blog “Sean Chandler is Naked…And also Writing” (working title).  Yeah, I’m kind of running with the whole “Naked in Korea” thing.  It’s funny and tongue in cheek and, most importantly, different.  You can find me here:


This is just a test-run, for now.  I’m not even completely sure I’ll stay at Tumblr unless the feedback I get is mostly positive.  I’ve been happy with my success at Sean Chandler in Korea.  I just haven’t been happy with WordPress’ decision to make me pay to customize everything.  Also, seeing as how I’m not professional blogger, Tumblr is just more colorful and fun, which is great for me.  Head over there and feel free to let me know what you think.

Thanks, everyone!



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